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Long Road

The Process:

1. To use our service, simply choose the dates and locations you want your vehicle picked up and delivered.  

2. Next, fill out our Quote form (below), and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with answers to your questions, including the cost of the trip.  

3. We'll then create a contract that both you and the designated driver will sign  

4. Pay the total for the agreed upon Contract to Code 3 Conveyance.  

5. The Emergency Service Personnel (off-duty) driver will contact you before the trip to introduce themselves and confirm all the details.   

6. On the requested pick-up date, the driver will inspect your vehicle and all the required paperwork to ensure everything is in order before embarking on the trip.  

7. During the trip, the driver will cover all expenses, including gas, hotels, and tolls. They will deliver your vehicle to your requested destination or even meeting you at the airport upon your arrival.   

8. Once the driver hands over the vehicle, you can conduct an inspection to ensure the vehicle condition is the same as when you left it.



It's important to note that the client pays one price for the trip and is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the driver.

Once the vehicle is accepted and the driver is paid, they will go on their way, and you can start your adventure in your own vehicle at your destination.

Many of our drivers build exclusive relationships with our clients and are requested time and again to complete their trips. We will endeavor to fulfil this wherever possible, but in the unlikely event that this is not possible, will do all we can to fulfil your trip requirements.

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