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Code 3 Conveyance came to fruition from the founders who had been driving for an already existing and reputable drive-away company, but due to unforeseen circumstances, had to close business .   As active Law Enforcement Officers, we were driving to escape.  These trips proved invaluable, as they were able to provide a valued service to seniors and the "Snow-bird" community as well as  an escape from the stresses of their demanding work, in short, "Road-Trip Therapy." 


During these trips, the founders were able to rejuvenate and recognized that the positive attributes of Emergency Service Personnel, such as being reliable, trustworthy, respected, professional, and highly skilled, was highly valued and sought after by potential clients. 

Additionally, it would provide a unique opportunity for fellow Emergency Service Personnel to experience the same "Road-Trip Therapy" and "Peer-to-Peer Support," they had experienced.  Allowing them to also step away from their demanding roles in active duty but still contribute in a meaningful way to the emergency services community.  

This idea gave rise to Code 3 Conveyance, which was started to ensure that all processes, including client interaction, driver and client screening, and border crossing clearances, were thoroughly ironed out. 

Code 3 Conveyance prides itself on providing a bespoke, smooth and enjoyable interaction from start to finish for both clients and the reliable, trustworthy and professional Emergency Service Personnel that drive.

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